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ANiUTa features a comprehensive library of anisongs for anyone to enjoy!

ANIUTA アニュータ

  • Available from August in Google Play and Apple Store.

All the anisongs that you have ever wanted to listen to, all in one place. This is the one and only, essential service for anisong fans! From the newest anisongs to the ones of long ago, ANiUTa is THE anisong streaming service allowing you to pick and listen to your favorite tunes! Even looking up your favorite anisong by anime title is fun in this 100% pure anisong store!


From July 4th to the day before the official release


  • ANiUTa T-shirt (one-size-fits-all)

    Each T-shirt has been personally signed by all of the anisong artists who performed at ANiUPa!!, an ANiUTa live concert that was held in May, 2018.

    • towana
    • junichi sato
    • yuxuki waga
    • kevin mitsunaga
    • Yamakita Saki – Green
    • Serizawa Yu – Blue
    • Akaneya Himika – Purple
    • Wakai Yuki – Red
    • Kubota Miyu – Orange
    • Shibuya Azuki – Yellow


    • JUNNA
    • Suzuki Minori
    • Yasuno Kiyono
    • Toyama Nao
    • Nishida Nozomi
    : 150 winners
  • ANiUTa Hand Towel: 150 winners

* ANiUPa!! is the ANiUTa concert held yearly in Japan.


Registration Period

  • July 4th - Day Before Official Release

  • Official announcements in regards to the official launch date will be announced via the official ANiUTa Twitter and Facebook pages.

Terms and Conditions

  • This pre-launch campaign is designed for residents of the United States.

  • Prizes will only be shipped within the United States, to Alaska, and to Hawaii.

  • Please be aware that you cannot choose your prize.

  • You will not receive a confirmation email when your registration is complete, so please confirm that your information is correct when registering.

  • If our company believes that any improper actions or deeds have occurred, we reserve the right to disqualify the user from the lottery.

  • This campaign can be changed or close early without advance notice.

  • In regards to the shipping of prizes to winners: If ANiUTa is unable to contact the winner or we determine that we are unable to send the prize, then the winner will be rendered null and void and a new winner will be chosen.

Announcing the Winners

  • After winners are chosen, ANiUTa will either send a direct message to the winners on twitter or a private message to their facebook account.

How to Apply

We have 2 methods

You may only enter once with your twitter account and once with your facebook account.

One individual may enter for a total of two times following the methods outlined in points 1 and 2.



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    Anisong streaming service ANiUTa is launching in the US and a PRE-LAUNCH CAMPAIGN filled with fantastic prizes for 300...

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